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Our Notarial Office has been in business since 1992.

Each Notary at Knuplerz&Partners Notarial Office, as part of its activities, offers professional services in the performance of notarial acts, in accordance with generally applicable laws, while adhering to the rules of professional ethics, thereby ensuring the safety of legal transactions for the parties.

With the experience we have gained, we guarantee our clients the highest quality of services offered. Paying homage to the long-standing tradition of practicing the profession of notary, we ensure professionalism, reliability and a substantive and individual approach to the client – with due seriousness and respect.

The professional service is guaranteed by notaries and qualified staff employed in the office, ready to provide all information, including in the English language.

The headquarters of the Notarial Office is in Kraków. We are located almost in the very center of the city, in close proximity to Grzegórzki, Kazimierz, Podgórze and Śródmieście districts.

All legal advice, information and consultations are provided by the Notaries free of charge.




We make every effort to ensure that the notarial service is one hundred percent safe for all parties carrying out activities. Developed and implemented procedures are a guarantee of professional secrecy.


We adjust the dates and hours of service to individual demands. We reduce the time required to spend in the law office to the minimum necessary. We know that time itself is the only commodity in life that is constantly scarce, so we respect our clients’ and our own.


The pillar of the reputation and experience of Knuplerz&Partners is the three-generation tradition of the notary profession, while the largest team of specialists in various fields of law in Kraków is constantly working to maintain the highest standards of service.



The pillars of the Knuplerz&Partners notary office team are three generations of tradition, commitment and homage to the legal profession. Several decades of experience, including more than 20 years already gained in the framework of a private Notarial Office, guarantees the contractors substantive preparation and comprehensive knowledge of the services provided.

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Ewa Knuplerz

As a lawyer with more than fifteen years of experience and almost ten years of practice in running an individual notarial office, I am able to provide a guarantee in the scope of performed notarial activities.

During many years of practice, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous commercial companies, real estate agencies, developers or reputable law firms, which has allowed me to gain the substantive background necessary to deal with even the most complex and intricate legal conditions.

Many years of experience, extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and relevant qualifications – if this is what you expect from a notary, I shall remain at your disposal.



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Grzegorz Mardyła

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in 2008. In 2010, I started my notary’s apprenticeship and worked in a notarial office.  I have been a notary since 2014. Initially, I ran my notarial office individually in Michałowice, where I gained experience in the area of land property, including agricultural property. I am interested in contract and corporate law. Currently, in the interest of providing you with a reliable service at a convenient time, I run my law firm in the form of a partner company.




Service in the office, in addition to notaries, is provided by a team of qualified employees ready to provide you with information on planned activities, costs, necessary documents and all other aspects of notarial practice.


Notarial activities do not necessarily have to take place at the office. In justified cases, the activity can be performed at the place indicated by the client – please contact us in this case.

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The catalogue of activities performed by a Notary is regulated in detail in the Act of February 14, 1991 – the Law on Notaries, from among which the most commonly performed ones can be listed, and these are:

  • deeds for the sale of plots of land, premises and cooperative ownership rights to premises,
  • deeds for donation of plots of land, premises and cooperative ownership rights to premises,
  • deeds for the establishment of separate ownership of premises,
  • deeds for the establishment of mortgages,
  • deeds for the establishment of easements and usufruct,
  • exchange deeds,
  • annuity deeds,
  • deeds on division of inheritance, liquidation of co-ownership of real estate and cooperative ownership rights to premises,
  • powers of attorney,
  • succession certification deeds,
  • marital property deeds (including property separation agreements or prenups),
  • deeds for the division of joint property of spouses,
  • deeds of establishment of foundations,
  • Company’s Articles of Association and Minutes,
  • deeds of submission to enforcement,
  • validation of handwritten signatures on presented documents and specimen signatures,
  • accepting for safekeeping documents, money and securities,
  • drawing up extracts, duplicates and excerpts of documents and the date of submission of the document,
  • drawing up other activities resulting from separate regulations.

Notary - price list

The notary’s fee is determined by agreement with the parties to the activity, not higher than the maximum notary fee rates applicable to the activity. In order to individually determine the notary fee, please contact the office.

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In order to determine the exact costs, including tax and court fees, please contact the office directly – by phone or email. You will be informed in detail of all the fees associated with the action you wish to perform.

The notary’s fee is determined by agreement with the parties to the activity, not higher than the maximum notary fee rates applicable to the activity. In order to individually determine the notarial fee, please contact the office.

The cost of performing a notarial act consists not only of the fee charged by the notary, but also of taxes (tax on civil law transactions, tax on inheritances and donations, and VAT) and court fees, which the notary by law collects and remits to the competent tax office and the Land and Mortgage Court, respectively.

The amount of remuneration is specified in the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice of June 28, 2004 on the maximum rates of notarial  fees (Dz. U of June 29, 2004), as amended, and depends on a number of factors, including the value of the object of trade or the type of action to be performed.

A notary at Knuplerz&Partners Notarial Office, is both a competent and a reasonably priced notary.


A good notary is not only a cheap notary, but also content-wise. In order to meet your expectations – we will post here answers to the most frequently asked questions, hoping that they will prove useful.

On-line requests


If you have any questions – we suggest you to use this form. The answer, on working days, will be provided to you immediately


The Notarial Office is located in an elevator-equipped building in the center of the city at 105/1 Grzegórzecka Street, in close proximity to Aleja Pokoju, Plaza and M1 shopping centers, as well as the Mogilskie , Grzegórzeckie and Czyżyńskie  roundabout. The location allows convenient access and parking at the very entrance. In addition, there are equally convenient public transport connections. It is easy to reach us from such districts as Grzegórzki, Kazimierz, Podgórze, Śródmieście, Dąbie, Nowa Huta or Zabłocie.


ul. Grzegórzecka 105/1 31-559 Kraków

Office opening hours:
– Monday – Friday: 09:00-20:00,
– Saturdays: 10:00-13:00.

It is possible to adapt the hours of operation of the Office to individual needs, including the holidays, by prior telephone arrangement.

telephone: +48 12 421 95 74, +48 12 421 65 37
mobile: +48 506 029 901, +48 733 461 461
e-mail: rejent@knuplerz.pl, biuro@knuplerz.pl

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