Responsible for the quality of services provided are not only qualified notaries, but also a well-prepared team of the Notarial Office. We are in constant contact with you, providing you with detailed information about planned activities, costs of service, required documents and other aspects of the practice.


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Oskar Knuplerz

One can fairly say that being a Notary is my whole life. I grew up in a family whose successive generations of excellent lawyers have dedicated themselves to the conscientious practice of the notary profession. The ideals handed down to me by my mother and grandfather, as well as the respect for constantly improving my own standards and reaching out to people seeking help, also made me choose this professional path.

I have been working in the notarial profession continuously since 2006. Since then, I have accumulated substantive knowledge and practical experience in the office, establishing contact with individual and business clients.

My goal is to run the office in a modern and progressive manner, while honoring the three-generation notarial family tradition, which I could summarize in a nutshell: reliability and kindness. Our work serves to make your life easier and provide you with the utmost comfort and security in your legal activities.

If you have any questions, I remain at your disposal.



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Jakub Tyrka

Legal sciences and issues in the area of law and accounting have fascinated me from an early age. I consistently pursued this passion by undertaking studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. After graduating, I deepened my knowledge and skills as a lawyer, notary trainee and deputy notary, and as a result in 2021 I received an appointment by the President of the Court of Appeals as a Notary.

I developed my second area of interest by studying finance and accounting at the Cracow University of Economics. Competence in consulting and tax optimization gained along the way allows me to perfectly understand business clients and provide them with professional, comprehensive assistance. Combining knowledge from these areas, I represent a modern, business approach to notarization, combined with the highest substantive and ethical standards.

I had the privilege of gaining experience in the best law firms in Kraków. Thanks to this, I can offer efficient and substantive performance of actions even in the most complicated legal states in a manner that is accessible and understandable to everyone. I provide my clients with efficiency, security, comfort and time savings.




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Monika Boroń

Zastępca notarialny



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Milena Piwowarczyk

Asystent notariusza



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Monika Dziuba

Zastępca notarialny




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Danuta Sarnacka




The wording of the notarial deeds being read out is displayed on screens located in the offices. Thanks to this, clients have the opportunity to follow the content of the deed in real time and see the changes made. Thus, we contribute to minimizing unnecessary printouts, and most importantly, we reduce to an absolute minimum the time needed to spend in the office.

On-line requests


If you have any questions – we suggest you to use this form. The answer, on working days, will be provided to you immediately.


The Notarial Office is located in an elevator-equipped building at Zamoyskiego 81/4, in close proximity to Kalwaryjska, Wadowicka, Konopnicka, Wielicka and Kamieńskiego streets, Imperial office centers, Tischnera Office, Sawig Office, Metropolitan. The location allows convenient access and parking at the very entrance. In addition, there are equally convenient public transport connections. It is easy to reach us from such districts as Grzegórzki, Kazimierz, Podgórze, Śródmieście, Łagiewniki, Borek Fałęcki, Prokocim, Bieżanów or Zabłocie.


ul. Zamoyskiego 81/4, 30-519 Kraków

Office hours – Monday – Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

It is possible to adapt the hours of operation of the Office to individual needs, including the holidays, by prior telephone arrangement.

telephone12 352 26 66, 12 352 24 44                                                                                        
mobile: +48 501 142 542, +48 506 500 660, +48 506 500 580
e-mail: biuro@mateczny.eu

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